Forex Auto Trading – Does it Work?

Ever since the first “Forex Robots” were introduced in 2006-7, people have been asking, does Forex Auto Trading software really work? Having had some experience testing “expert advisors” as these programs are technically known within the Metatrader software in which they operate, the author of this article would answer with a qualified yes, some DO work, but then again some EA’s do not work.

Forex Auto Trading software is a new phenomenon, and there are a lot of poorly written programs being aggressively marketed by internet marketers, which do NOT work. And for the most part you don’t get to test these questionable programs before you pay for them. In many cases they may come with guarantees, however these guarantees are only good if the people behind the websites concerned back up those guarantees. And of course the guarantees do not cover any trading losses made by the software, which are likely to be far greater than the cost of the software itself! The only way to avoid these pitfalls is to consult an independent forum which allows forex EA users to post reviews on these products. In this way, you can differentiate the good from the bad in the Forex Robot market.

Having got the negatives out of the way, there are a few well-designed Expert Advisor programs on the market which DO work, and the best examples of these operate on the principle that successful forex trading is not only about predicting and carrying out winning trades. Even with the sophisticated mathematical algorithms used by these robots, it is not always possible to predict the result of a forex trade 100% of the time. What the most profitable Expert Advisors do is make more frequent, smaller trades, so that when the market moves in a negative direction, the trade can be closed out with a minimal loss, while overall profitability is maintained. This is known as risk management, and is a very important part of forex trading .

Albert Einstein is said to have once remarked, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.”

Compounding is a key factor in any form of trading or investing, and no less so with Forex Auto Trading. It is in fact the only way to trade safely and make gains in the longer term. The reason I say that, is that a novice trader’s biggest mistake is to assume that the only way to grow a forex trading account, is to take big risks with their capital in the hope of making big gains. Not so. The best way to grow the account is to minimise the risk by risking a small percentage (typically 2%) of the account on each trade and compounding more modest gains over several years. What this effectively means is that forex trading does not have to be a high-risk, get-rich-quick (or get-broke-quick) type of investment.

The advantage of Forex Auto Trading is the ability of a computer program to make far more trades than a human being could (or would want to) make simply by the fact that it is on 24 hours a day while the market is open, making trades according to preset parameters, while a human being is at work, at play or asleep. No-one wants to sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end placing trades themselves, and even an experienced forex trader, who knows how to place trades profitably himself, wants a life away from his computer, and is willing to accept the occasional loss if the overall result of the robot’s activity is profitable.

In conclusion, Forex Auto Trading represents an unparalleled opportunity in the current economic environment, for the average investor to take charge of their own investment activity, and if used correctly, to make solid, repeatable investment gains simply by utilising their own computer and the internet to trade on the trillion-dollar global foreign exchange markets. This is an opportunity not to be ignored by anyone who has taken a beating in the global economic crisis of 2009, and wants an alternative to just handing money over to investment funds which have proven to be barely profitable at best, and grossly unprofitable in some of the worst cases. By opening a trading account with a broker, and installing a simple software item on their PC and running it, many have opened the door to a fascinating hobby, with tangible rewards.

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