Why Forex Auto Trading is a Forex Traders Dream

Ah… the Forex trader’s dream of making money on autopilot. Imagine, waking up and checking your account and seeing big gains while you slept. Regardless of whether you trade Forex manually or don’t know anything about Forex… this is a very powerful dream.

For one thing, if you are a Forex trader with a winning strategy, you can have the auto trading solution trade your strategy for you. But I think the more popular advantage of Forex auto trading is it allows people with very little or no knowledge to participate in the Forex market without having to learn anything. All they need to do is set up the auto trading option.

The great news is the technology exists. So, when I say “dream”, I am not talking about some science fiction theory that is 100 years for being a reality. Forex auto trading exists and has for some time in the form of Expert Advisors. These are also called “Forex robots”.

Basically you can program an Expert Advisor with a trading strategy. Think of a whole bunch of “if – then statements”. And when this expert advisor is attached to your trading chart, it can place the orders for you when the conditions of the strategy are met. Sounds simple enough, right?

But the problem is, it is very hard to find one that works with real money and under real market conditions for any length of time. And a bigger problem exists than the Forex market being unpredictable. Marketers have realized Forex auto trading is the dream of most Forex traders. And that is where the big problems begin.

You see, there is a common marketing saying… “Sell the dream”. And that is what they do, they sell the dream of making money on autopilot with a Forex robot. The problem is, they don’t actually build the robots to FULFILL the dream. If you have tried one of these slickly marketed garbage trading robots, then you know what I mean.}

But finally there is something happening that can end the search for finding the perfect Forex robot.

Imagine a competition where all the robots compete with real money under live market conditions. Do you think that would weed out the garbage robots and produce only winning robots with a real chance of making you money when you use them? I sure do, and I think this exactly what the Forex industry needs to put an end to the marketers selling auto trading dreams without anything to back up their claims.

Imagine, once you are used to seeing a Forex robot in action with real money and in live markets… will you settle for anything else? Once you have the opportunity to see the robot’s performance BEFORE you decide if it is the right Forex auto trading solution for you… are you going to settle for wild claims and false promises? I think this is the change in mentality we all need to really find a Forex trading robot that works.